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Great interest Mens Classic Neck Tie Formal sold out Wedding Neckties Party Suit

Mens Classic Neck Tie, Formal Suit Tie, Party Wedding Neckties


Mens Classic Neck Tie, Formal Suit Tie, Party Wedding Neckties


Product description

YongColer ties maybe enough for daily collocations, wedding, party, prom, dinner, Halloween/Thanksgiving/Christmas! To be elegant and fashionable in any formal occasions!

YongColer ties would be for any formal or casual occasion. It would make a gift and an addition to any man's wardrobe!

"p"🥑 "b"Necktie Length: 57 inches

"p"🥑 "b"Necktie Width: 3.2 inches

"p""b"Product Highlight

"p"🥑 The tie is spectacularly well made, using material which gives you comfortable feeling. The stitching and thread are gorgeous. Good quality interlining make it easy to tie a perfect knot. High quality control make our tie can be used for long time.

"p"🥑 Good glossiness, silky handle, good vertical feeling, three-dimensional and texturing.

"p"🥑 Suitable occasions: Daily dress, business, office, meeting, birthday, wedding, engagement, party, prom, evening dress

"p"🥑 Holiday gifts: Father's day, Bachelor party, Valentine's Day, graduation ceremony, wedding anniversary.

Wearing an elegant man tie is an effective way to make you look charming and energetic. The tie is often the centerpiece of the dress, it's important to choose your tie wisely.

"p""b"Hundreds of pattern choices from YongColer ties

"p"In our store, we also have many other styles for sell which are bound to meet your needs, you can visit our store to choose.

"p""b"If you have any questions, please contact us by email as soon as possible, we will spare no efforts to help you.

Mens Classic Neck Tie, Formal Suit Tie, Party Wedding Neckties

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